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we both hate summer, we both hate hot, sunny weather, we both love and prefer winter/the cold weather. so we are constantly complaining about the weather and how hot it is haha. he sends me pictures saying it’s too hot, too windy but hot haha. i can finally complain about the weather to someone who hates it as much as i do haha. i can’t wait for winter. i

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"Initially just wanted to post a Weibo.. In the end, it turned into a RAP, so then I sang it. A really simple beat and flow, for you guys.”

Lyrics: “时间过的快,伤也好的快,随着时间一样你们和我都没有变坏。 你继续往下看,会发现这像Rap,没错我写了一段Rap就是给你们看。Yeah 为了弥补那天演场会的过错往后,我会更用心的为你们付出以后,让我们一直不分开就像以前拉过的勾许过的愿一样永远走到最后。”

"Time passed so quickly, and my injury healed quickly too. as the time passes, you and I didn’t turn bad as well. Keep reading, and you’ll realize this seems like a Rap, you’re right, I wrote a few phrases of Rap for you guys to see. Yeah, to make up for my mistakes during the concert that day, from this day onward, I’ll work harder for you guys in the future, to make sure we’ll never fall apart just like the wishes we wished and pinky-promised over and walk together til’ the end."

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i am letting go. no point in me trying to keep someone around who makes little to no effort. 

i am also not going to even try to keep some friendships going anymore. i feel like i am the only who makes the effort to keep in touch, the first to reach out. we may be best friends….but slowly and surely. I have somewhat stopped coming to you. i understand you have a family, busy with your work and what not. but if you have the time to write a long paragraph to update your facebook status, then you clearly have some time to at least text me a hi or something. i am no longer making the effort. if you want to talk fine, message me…whatever. 

i’ve also slowly started to cut ties with another friend i have known since jr. high. i realized that her negativity is not something i want to be around. i don’t like talking to someone who is always negative, complains about how much she hates life, or work….whatever…and makes me feel like i have to be unhappy with her. sorry, but that’s not who i am.

at least, the only friends i can rely on these days are my international friends, and friends who share the same mindset as i do. 

clearly he does not know how to talk to people…..and this is why none of us talks to him anymore. he’s very narrow minded and doesn’t think about anyone else.